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Star Jalsha Video Dance of Behula Serial Song Madhura Murati

Star Jalsha is a popular Bengali television channel that airs various shows and serials. One of its most famous serials is Behula, which is based on the mythological story of Behula and Lakhindar. The serial features a beautiful song called Madhura Murati, which is sung by the character of Behula. The song praises the divine beauty and grace of Lord Shiva, who is also known as Madhura Murati or the sweet idol.

The song Madhura Murati has become very popular among the viewers and fans of the serial. Many people have uploaded videos of themselves dancing to the song on YouTube and other social media platforms. Some of these videos have received thousands of views and likes. The dance moves are inspired by the classical and folk dances of Bengal, such as Bharatanatyam, Kathak, and Chhau.


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In this article, we will showcase some of the best video dances of Behula serial song Madhura Murati that we found on the internet. We hope you enjoy watching them and appreciate the talent and creativity of these dancers.

Madhura Murati Behula Star Jalsha Serial Srinidha Ghosh

This video features Srinidha Ghosh, a professional dancer and choreographer, who performs a solo dance to the song Madhura Murati. She wears a traditional red and white saree and jewelry, and expresses the emotions and devotion of Behula through her graceful movements and expressions. She also incorporates some elements of Odissi dance in her choreography. The video has over 1.9K views on YouTube.

মধুর মুরত মনহর Madhura Murati Manohara Full Song by Behula ,TV Serial from Star Jalsha

This video features the original full song of Madhura Murati from the serial Behula, sung by Upali Chattopadhyay. The video shows clips from the serial, where Behula sings the song in front of a Shiva temple, while Lakhindar lies unconscious on a boat. The song has a soothing melody and lyrics that describe the attributes and qualities of Lord Shiva. The video has over 3.6K views on YouTube.

madhura murati/star jalsa serial song/behula/dance vdo/

This video features Madhusree Pal, a young dancer who performs a group dance with her friends to the song Madhura Murati. They wear colorful costumes and accessories, and perform energetic and lively steps that match the rhythm and mood of the song. They also use props such as umbrellas and flowers to add variety and fun to their dance. The video has over 1K views on YouTube.

We hope you liked these video dances of Behula serial song Madhura Murati. If you want to watch more videos like these, you can search for them on YouTube or other websites using keywords such as "star jalsha video dance", "behula serial song", or "madhura murati". You can also share your own videos or opinions in the comments section below.


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