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Dappu Srinu Ayyappa Swami Telugu Songs To Free Download 23golkes

Dappu Srinu Ayyappa Swami Telugu Songs to Free 23golkes

Dappu Srinu is a popular Telugu folk singer who is known for his devotional songs on Lord Ayyappa Swami, the Hindu deity of Sabarimala. He has sung more than 30 albums of Ayyappa Swami songs, which are widely played by devotees during the annual pilgrimage season. His songs are also available online for free download on various platforms such as JioSaavn, YouTube, and others.

One of his most famous songs is "Mallepula Pallaki Bangaru Pallaki Ayyappa", which describes the grand procession of Lord Ayyappa Swami on a golden palanquin. The song has a catchy tune and a rhythmic beat, which is created by the dappu, a traditional percussion instrument. Dappu Srinu is named after this instrument, as he plays it with great skill and enthusiasm. The song has more than 2 million views on YouTube and is often played at temples and homes during the Ayyappa Swami festival.


Another popular song by Dappu Srinu is "Digu Digu Digu Naga", which praises Lord Ayyappa Swami as the king of snakes. The song has a fast tempo and a lively mood, which reflects the adventurous spirit of Lord Ayyappa Swami, who is said to have tamed the wild animals and serpents in the forest. The song has more than 200 thousand views on YouTube and is a favorite among the young devotees of Lord Ayyappa Swami.

Dappu Srinu's songs are not only entertaining but also inspiring, as they convey the message of faith, devotion, and harmony. His songs celebrate the glory of Lord Ayyappa Swami, who is revered as the son of Lord Shiva and Lord Vishnu, and who is worshipped by people of all religions and castes. His songs also encourage the devotees to follow the path of righteousness, discipline, and self-control, which are the essential virtues for attaining salvation.

Dappu Srinu's songs are a treasure for the Telugu folk music and culture, as they preserve the rich tradition and heritage of the Ayyappa Swami worship. His songs are also a source of joy and peace for millions of devotees across the world, who listen to them with love and devotion. His songs are truly a gift to free 23golkes, which means "the hearts of all" in Telugu.


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