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Buy Clairol Color Seal Gloss

The acidic nature of glossing products helps to seal the cuticle layer. This creates a smooth surface that reflects light, adding a beautiful sheen to your hair. The film around the hair strands keeps color molecules wrapped to lock in your favorite color shade.

buy clairol color seal gloss

When applied after coloring, hair gloss enhances the tone of color-treated hair. When used between colorings, it revitalizes faded color and replenishes lost tones, making the color look fresh and vibrant.

If your color fades too fast, apply hair gloss once a week to maintain the color and prolong the time between coloring sessions. Hair glosses are especially beneficial for overly porous hair that tends to lose color quickly.

Unlike permanent hair color, a hair gloss fades gradually, without leaving a harsh line of demarcation in the hair. So, there is no unsightly contrast between the new growth and previously treated hair.

The John Frieda gloss is available in six shades to match different hair colors. The biggest advantage of this product is that it is very easy to use. This in-shower treatment takes just five minutes to restore hair color and shine. The formula is free of ammonia and peroxide, so it is will not damage your hair. 041b061a72


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