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PATCHED AMT Emulator V0.8 By PainteR (Adobe Products Patch) [SadeemPC]

PATCHED AMT Emulator V0.8 By PainteR (Adobe Products Patch) [SadeemPC]

If you are looking for a way to activate and unlock all the features of Adobe products, you might be interested in the PATCHED AMT Emulator V0.8 by PainteR. This is a software protection emulator that can bypass the license verification and activation process of Adobe applications. It is based on native API and optimized for the best performance. It has many benefits, such as:

PATCHED AMT Emulator V0.8 By PainteR (Adobe Products Patch) [SadeemPC]

  • It does not require AAM (Adobe Application Manager).

  • It does not perform a background license check while the user is saving files/using menus/any other operation in Adobe apps.

  • All possible features will become available in all installed Adobe apps.

  • It does not require Administrator's right/elevation to run the app and does not require any kind of registration in the operating system.

  • It does not create/modify/update the Abobe application database, so it will not be used by the emulator at all.

  • It does not send statistics to Adobe.

  • It does create license labels and license cache.

  • It bypasses all regional limitations.

  • It disables all kind of tracking (logging) for all apps.

The PATCHED version of AMT Emulator V0.8 by PainteR is a modified version that has some additional features and fixes, such as:

  • It has implemented the background status validation [amtemu].

  • It has removed all deprecated configuration parameters [amtemu].

  • It has added the "Language" param (again) [amtemu].

  • It has updated presets [gui].

The PATCHED AMT Emulator V0.8 by PainteR supports a wide range of Adobe products, such as:

Product NameVersion

Adobe Acrobat DCv19.021.20061

Adobe After Effects CC 2019v16.1.3

Adobe Animate CC 2019v19.2.1

Adobe Audition CC 2019v12.1.5

Adobe Bridge CC 2019v9.1.0

Adobe Character Animator CC 2019v2.1.1

Adobe Dimension CC v2.x (universal amtlib)v2.3

Adobe Dreamweaver CC 2019v19.2.1

Adobe Illustrator CC 2019v23.1.0

Adobe InCopy CC 2019v14.0.2

Adobe InDesign CC 2019v14.0.3

Adobe Lightroom Classic CC (universal amtlib)v8.4.1

Adobe Media Encoder CC 2019v13.1.5

Adobe Photoshop CC 2019v20.0.7

Adobe Prelude CC 2019v8.1.1

Adobe Premiere Pro CC 2019v13.1.5

You can download the PATCHED AMT Emulator V0.8 by PainteR from the original link or the mirror link . The ZIP file contains the emulator executable and a detailed instruction on how to use it. Please note that this is a third-party tool that may violate the terms of service of Adobe. Use it at your own risk and discretion.

Source: [Nsane Forums]


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