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2005 Subotovsky Trombini Metal Project Rar

2005 Subotovsky Trombini Metal Project Rar

Subotovsky Trombini Metal Project is a rare and obscure album by the Argentine metal supergroup Subotovsky Trombini, released in 2005. The album features some of the most renowned metal musicians from Argentina, such as Adrian Subotovsky, Ruben Trombini, Matias Ochoa, Gustavo Jawanske, Ivan Sencion, Walter Meza, and Saul Blanch. The album showcases a variety of metal styles, from power metal to heavy metal to progressive metal, with influences from bands like Iron Maiden, Judas Priest, Dream Theater, and Rata Blanca.

2005 Subotovsky Trombini Metal Project Rar

The album was released independently by 4G Discos in a digipak format, and it is very hard to find nowadays. The album was never officially uploaded to any streaming platform or digital store, and the only way to listen to it online is through a YouTube video uploaded by a fan in 2017. The video has over 5.9K views and 87 likes as of September 2021, and it contains the full album in a single track. The video also provides the links to the Facebook pages of Adrian Subotovsky and Matias Ochoa, as well as the tracklist and the guest musicians for each song.

The album consists of 10 songs, with a total running time of 55 minutes and 31 seconds. The songs are:

  • Encuentro Final (Final Encounter)

  • Dame Una Señal (Give Me A Sign)

  • Siniestro Poder (Sinister Power)

  • Angeles Negros (Black Angels)

  • A Pura Sangre (Pure Blood)

  • Sol (Sun)

  • Dura Ansiedad (Hard Anxiety)

  • Careta Enferma (Sick Mask)

  • Señor Rock (Mr. Rock)

  • El Fuego Sagrado (The Sacred Fire) (Bonus Track)

The album received positive reviews from some metal fans and critics, who praised the technical skills and the creativity of the musicians. However, the album also suffered from a lack of promotion and distribution, and it remained largely unknown to the general public. The album is considered a cult classic by some metal enthusiasts, who regard it as one of the best metal albums ever made in Argentina.

If you are interested in listening to this rare gem of Argentine metal, you can either try to find a physical copy of the album on online stores or auctions, or you can watch the YouTube video that contains the full album. However, be aware that the video quality is not very good, and the sound may be distorted or low. Also, the video does not have any subtitles or translations for the lyrics, which are mostly in Spanish. If you want to enjoy the full experience of this album, you may want to download a rar file that contains the album in a better quality and with lyrics included. However, finding such a file may be very difficult, as it is not widely available on the internet.

Subotovsky Trombini Metal Project is a rare and obscure album that deserves more recognition and appreciation from metal fans around the world. It is a testament to the talent and passion of some of the best metal musicians from Argentina, who created a masterpiece of metal music that transcends genres and borders.


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