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[S3E9] Curry Quest

Right at home, Bingo rests on her mum's lap as she teaches Bluey how to crochet. It's also when Bluey wonders what a "quest" is. So Chilli tries to explain with an example. In fact, her example fits well to what Bingo is about to go through soon enough!

[S3E9] Curry Quest

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The voice of Bluey's dad, Dave McCormack, pairs up with Big Ted to read a humorous story about caveman Dave's quest to find a new cave. Tune in for one Dave, reading about another Dave in Dave's Cave by Frann Preston-Gannon.

This aromatic curry ensemble is for when you want all of the flavours but without meat. There's spice-accented roasted cauliflower, a creamy and fragrant dhal and a robust sauce of green chilli, mint and lime. 041b061a72


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