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Karishma E Qudrat Pdf Download

Karishma E Qudrat Pdf Download - A Guide to the Mysteries of Nature

If you are interested in exploring the secrets of nature, then you might want to download the PDF version of Karishma E Qudrat, a book written by Himayoun Mirza Lukhnawi in Urdu. This book is a collection of stories and anecdotes that reveal the wonders and miracles of nature, such as the properties of stones, plants, animals, and humans. The book also contains some spiritual and mystical insights that can help you understand the divine plan and purpose behind the creation of the universe.

Karishma E Qudrat, which means "The Miracle of Nature" in Urdu, was first published in 1925 by the author himself. The book is divided into four parts: Karishmaat-e-Hajar (The Miracles of Stones), Karishmaat-e-Nabatat (The Miracles of Plants), Karishmaat-e-Haywanat (The Miracles of Animals), and Karishmaat-e-Insan (The Miracles of Humans). Each part contains several chapters that describe the amazing features and qualities of different natural phenomena and creatures.


For example, in the first part, the author talks about the different types of stones and their effects on human health, wealth, and happiness. He also mentions some rare and precious stones that have magical powers and can grant wishes. In the second part, he discusses the various kinds of plants and their medicinal, nutritional, and spiritual benefits. He also gives some recipes and remedies for curing diseases and ailments using herbs and flowers. In the third part, he narrates the stories and legends of different animals and their extraordinary abilities and behaviors. He also explains how animals can communicate with humans and teach them valuable lessons. In the fourth part, he explores the mysteries and wonders of human beings and their potential to achieve greatness and excellence. He also shares some tips and advice for improving one's personality, character, and intellect.

The book is written in a simple and engaging style that appeals to both young and old readers. The author uses anecdotes, examples, quotations, and references from various sources to support his claims and arguments. He also adds some humor and wit to make the book more enjoyable and entertaining. The book is not only informative but also inspirational and motivational. It encourages the readers to appreciate the beauty and diversity of nature and to seek knowledge and wisdom from it.

If you want to read this fascinating book, you can download it for free from [this link]. You can also find other related books by the same author or similar topics on [this page]. You can also browse through other books on [Karishmaat], which is a term used for books that deal with the miracles of nature in Urdu literature. You will surely find something that will interest you and enrich your mind.


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