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Buy Apple Developer Account

This is a free developer program for higher education institutions looking to introduce iOS development into their curriculum. With Xcode, any teacher and student can get access to the tools and resources needed to develop and install apps on Apple devices.

buy apple developer account

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When applicable, your membership purchase will be taxed using the tax rate for your region or state. To request a tax refund, sign in with the Apple ID you used to enroll, complete the purchase, and send in your order number and tax-exempt form to You can access invoices for your purchased products by viewing your account on the Apple Store Online. If you completed your purchase using a credit card form, you can request an invoice by contacting Apple Developer Support. If you completed your purchase on the Apple Store Online in China mainland and would like to request a fapiao, call 400-666-8800 to speak with a support specialist.

This program is used generally by non IT businesses or smaller firms. Where firm has got their application developed to support/advertise their online business. Its cost is less than Organization account.I guess it suits you.

This program is used where firm has to publish, manage and handledozens of apps, and it mostly deals in IT business. Organizations mainproducts are software applications. It costs more than individual account.

Apple Developer (formerly Apple Developer Connection) is Apple Inc.'s website for software development tools, application programming interfaces (APIs), and technical resources. It contains resources to help software developers write software for the macOS, iOS, iPadOS, watchOS, and tvOS platforms.

The Mac developer program is a way for developers of Apple's macOS operating system to distribute their apps through the Mac App Store. It costs US$99/year. Unlike iOS, developers are not required to sign up for the program in order to distribute their applications. Mac applications can freely be distributed via the developer's website and/or any other method of distribution excluding the Mac App Store. The Mac Developer Program also provides developers with resources to help them distribute their Mac applications.

On July 18, 2013, an intruder attempted to access sensitive personal information on Apple's developer servers. The information was encrypted, but Apple could not guarantee that some information about developers may have been accessed. The Developer website was taken down for "maintenance" that Thursday, and was said to be undergoing maintenance through Sunday, when Apple posted a notice on the site notifying users of the attempted hack. They have stated that they will be rebuilding their servers and the developer system to prevent this from happening in the future.[3][4]

User roles determine access to sections of App Store Connect and the Apple Developer website, as well as privileges for performing tasks. In most cases, a role can be assigned to more than one user and a user can have more than one role. The person who enrolls in the Apple Developer Program is the Account Holder, which is the only user that can sign legal agreements, renew membership, submit Safari Extensions, or create developer ID certificates. There can only be one Account Holder.

In the top-right corner of any App Store Connect page, click your name, then select Edit Profile. Make sure you are viewing the account associated with the team you want to leave. If not, switch to the correct account.

If an app in your account already uses the app name, you can either submit an update to the existing app to change the name or remove an app from App Store Connect to allow the name to be used in a new app record.

Before initiating a transfer for an app that offers auto-renewable subscriptions, generate an app-specific shared secret. Then, share the code with the user of the developer account you are transferring the app to. After sharing the code, initiate the app transfer.

If your app distributes Wallet passes that require ongoing updates from your app or web service, the passes will eventually need to be reissued using a new identifier after transfer is complete so they can be signed with certificates issued from your Apple Developer account. To minimize user confusion and avoid interruption, we recommend providing a message in your app to let users know that their previously issued pass will become inactive and to download a new pass from your app or web service.

When you transfer an app from your account to someone else, you will no longer have access to the app's data in App Analytics. You can find the historical data of the app in Sales and Trends. If someone transfers an app to you, you'll get access to all analytics data as of April 1, 2015, or since the app was first made available on the App Store, whichever occurred later.

After you add an app to your account, you can upload a build with one of several upload tools. You can upload more builds as your app changes, distribute a build for testing, or submit your app for review.

If you distribute your app to external testers, you need to enter additional TestFlight test information about your app for TestFlight App Review. You can enter this information when you add your app to your account or before you invite external testers.

TestFlight testers automatically share crash logs with developers. To view crash reports directly in Xcode for apps distributed using TestFlight, click Open in Xcode 13 next to each piece of crash feedback on the Crash Feedback page on the TestFlight tab.

Under Type, choose either Organization ID or Apple ID, and enter the required information. Enter the Organization ID to make the app visible in the organization's Apple Business Manager or Apple School Manager account. For businesses still using the legacy Volume Purchase Program, you can assign an app to their volume purchasing Apple ID.

Exchange rate. Sales and Trends estimates the USD amount of sales and proceeds based on a rolling average of the previous month's exchange rates. All downloadable reports show amounts in local currencies transacted by customers. Final payments in Payments and Financial Reports are based on the exchange rate used to convert each report currency to the currency of your bank account. Learn about the exchange rate.

Track a variety of user engagement metrics, such as installations, sessions, crashes, and active devices. Usage metrics are only available from users who have agreed to share their diagnostics and usage information with app developers. Learn more.

App Clip metrics, including App Clip Card Views, App Clip Installations, App Clip Sessions, and App Clip Crashes, are attributed to the source that first displayed the App Clip card to the user. App Clip metrics are only available from users who have agreed to share their diagnostics and usage information with app developers.

To download a copy of the Free Apps Agreement, also referred to as the Apple Developer Program License Agreement, visit the Membership section of your developer account and click Show Agreements. Alternatively, you can view Apple Developer Program agreements on the developer website.

You may update your banking information at any time, unless the information you submitted is currently processing. Keep in mind that if you change your banking information, we may have already begun processing your payment for the fiscal month, so it may not be sent to your new bank account until a future payment.

You can change your primary bank account at any time in App Store Connect. When making this change, keep in mind that we may have already started processing your payment for the fiscal month, so it may not be sent to your new bank account until a future payment.

If you sell content on the App Store in Brazil, an annual withholding tax certificate can be downloaded in App Store Connect. If there are multiple vendor numbers associated with your account, you'll receive a withholding certificate for each vendor number.

Apple requires developers based in the Republic of Korea with an in-effect Paid Apps Agreement to have a Korean Business Registration Number (BRN) or a Registration Number with the Korean National Tax Service. Failure to provide this may result in a delay of payment on your earnings.

App Store Connect shows the value of GST adjustments applied to your account, along with any other adjustments that apply in the territories where you sell your app. The adjustment will be displayed in the territory currency. This report is available beginning with your February 2020 earnings.

Provide banking information in App Store Connect. Payments are sent to the primary bank account on file at the time a payment is processed. Payments to multiple or split bank accounts aren't supported. Learn more.

All payments are made by direct deposit or electronic funds transfer (EFT.) Note that when available, payments are sent via a low-value transfer as opposed to a high-value wire transfer. Apple's bank will consolidate proceeds for each currency in which you have sales on the App Store, resulting in a single payment to your bank each fiscal month. Payments may be subject to bank fees and transaction costs charged by your bank or intermediate financial institutions, reducing the amount that's deposited in your bank account.

Our bank converts payment amounts into the currency of your bank account. The exchange rate is established by our bank and, due to Apple's volume, is generally a more favorable rate than used by your local bank. The rates are typically the spot rate on the date of payment and no more than three business days prior to the date the proceeds are received into your account.

If financial reports are available for your account and you have not been receiving the related email notifications, confirm that your user profile is set up to receive financial report notifications. If these items are set up correctly, check your email client and/or spam filter to make sure the email address is not being blocked. 041b061a72


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